November 11 2020

What can I do to prevent diabetes?

  • Eating a healthy balanced diet
  • Keeping my weight as close as possible to the normal range
  • Practicing physical activity for at least 30 mins every day
  • Doing regular checks
October 22 2020
  • Get enough sleep: Ensuring that you get enough sleep positively affects your mood and reduces your stress
  • Be active: Physical activity helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Engage in relaxation, meditation or yoga: Even something as simple as learning some deep breathing techniques can help to calm you down
  • Eat well: A well-balanced diet will help you feel better and control your stress
  • Take a break: Spend time on hobbies that you enjoy
  • Talk to someone: Talking about how you feel to someone that you trust can help lower your stress
October 15 2020

​Today we celebrate Global Handwashing Day 2020 on the theme "Hand Hygiene for All". Leaving no one behind.

Washing hands frequently and carefully – whether at home, at work or at school – is critical to beat COVID_19 and other infectious diseases.

Use water and soap and rub your hands for at least 20 seconds.

October 7 2020

Protect yourself

  • Avoid unnecessary public activities, stay at home
  • Ask for help from relatives, friends or neighbours to do your grocery
  • Maintain physical distancing (stay at least 1 m away from others) at all times
  • Wear a mask if requested or if physical distancing is impossible
  • Keep in regular contact with family and friends via phone or social media
  • Maintain a regular medical check if you have underlying medical conditions
  • Wash your hands regularly
September 29 2020

Today we celebrate the first-ever observance of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste.

Stop food loss and waste. For the people. For the planet.

We should all be food savers. This starts by stocking and storing the food properly in the household and paying attention to date marking. Here are a few tips to avoid Food waste​.

September 23 2020

Alcohol: You abuse, you lose!

  • Alcohol has more serious effects than just a hangover
  • Alcohol abuse causes more deaths than any other type of drug use
  • Alcohol affects more than just you and it costs more than just money
  • Don’t drink and drive, live and thrive ​
September 16 2020

Physical distancing is vital if we are to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Let’s all continue to adopt new ways of living to beat COVID-19. Here are 5 friendly and safe ways to greet people while keeping distance.

September 9 2020

Quitting tobacco: the best break-up of your life!

  • Your lung function increases, and you breathe in fresh island air!
  • Your sense of taste and smell improve. You can rediscover the flavours of your favourite dishes!
  • The risk of stroke and heart attack is greatly reduced, supporting a longer life with better health.
  • Instead of spending money on cigarettes, spend it on your family