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Risk communication is an essential component of disease outbreak management. When an outbreak occurs or is suspected, information and health messages need to be rapidly communicated to people at risk so that they can make informed decisions about how to protect themselves. Communication needs to occur at different levels, using different methods.

Our SPC activities in this area include:

  • Ad-hoc technical assistance on risk communication through the production of risk communication messages or materials related to outbreak-prone diseases adaptable by Pacific Island countries and territories,
  • Support and advice on the development of risk communication plans, and
  • Sharing of information, guidance and experience on risk communication matters in general.

Before, during and after mass gathering events, such as the four-yearly Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA) or the four-yearly Pacific Games or Mini Games, SPC can provide support on risk communication as part of enhanced surveillance efforts through the development of:

  • health advices for travellers,
  • key preventive messages and communication products.

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