July 23 2020

A healthy diet is critical to the healthy development of a growing baby and pregnancy presents an opportunity to promote good health and break the cycle of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).  The Pacific guidelines for healthy eating during pregnancy is a handbook for health professionals and educators designed to maximise health outcomes for both expectant mother and her child.

June 19 2020

The Pacific Community (SPC) has published a handbook on Pacific healthy dietary guidelines for people with diabetes, which is intended for health professionals and educators who provide health advice on nutrition and dietetic interventions for people with diabetes in the region. 

SPC’s Public Health Division (PHD) led consultations and development of this dietary guideline which is evidence-based and built on global recommendations and designed it to be culturally appropriate to all Pacific communities.

November 13 2019

We know what Diabetes is- Let’s curb it

The Pacific region continues to advocate for a holistic approach with its efforts to addressing diabetes, an increasing catastrophe in the region other than extreme weather events. 14th November every year, marks World Diabetes Day and this year the theme is family and diabetes.