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January 26 2021

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Pacific guidelines for healthy living


March 27 2020

The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Public Health Division launched a recipe contest in February this year to promote healthy eating and to encourage the use of local ingredients. It is important to promote healthy, locally sourced recipes with reduced levels of sugars, salt and fat, to help combat non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which are responsible for 75% of deaths in the region.

May 3 2016

Steps are under way to improve the monitoring of progress of the Pacific’s Healthy Islands Vision, a concept developed by regional health ministers over 20 years ago to drive an integrated, holistic approach to health protection and promotion in the region.

The decision to create a Healthy Islands Monitoring Framework follows deliberations by senior health officials from 22 Pacific Island countries and territories at the Fourth Heads of Health meeting in Suva, Fiji, last week, based on an outcome of the Pacific Health Ministers meeting held in Fiji last year.

April 14 2015

The Eleventh Pacific Health Ministers meeting has commenced on Yanuca Island, Fiji, today, at which the Pacific ministers will review progress over the past 20 years in health and chart the course for the years to come.

The first Pacific Health Ministers meeting in 1995 was also held on Yanuca Island, where ministers created a unifying Healthy Islands vision for Pacific island countries and areas.

The meeting articulated a response to the specific needs of the region.