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Jul 26 - Aug 3
| Training Event
Jul 26 - Aug 3

PGCFE training EPI 826-03:Investigation and Management of Disease Outbreaks(Kiribati)

The Strengthening Health Interventions in the Pacific - Data for Decision Making (SHIP-DDM) Program for capacity development is one of the service delivery networks of the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN). The Program aims to improve the knowledge and skills of health staff to strengthen the collection, analysis, and interpretation of health data, and use the results as an evidence base for guiding decisions on the health actions, policies and programs to improve health outcomes in the Pacific. The Post-graduate Certificate in Field Epidemiology(PGCFE) course under the SHIP-DDM program is a five-module course accredited by the Fiji National University (FNU).The upcoming training workshop for Kiribati is part of the PGCFE course and will be on Module 3, EPI 826-03: Investigation and Management of Disease Outbreaks.