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Jun 3 - Jun 7
| Meeting
Jun 3 - Jun 7

Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network Regional Meeting "Linking up the initiatives and scaling up the actions"

The Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN) is a voluntary network of countries and organisations dedicated to the promotion of public health surveillance and appropriate response to the health challenges of 22 Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs). It includes six service networks: PacNet, LabNet, EpiNet, PICNet, the Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System and the Strengthening Health Interventions in the Pacific-Data for Decision Making (SHIP-DDM) capacity development programme.

​The key objectives of this meeting are as follows:

a. To provide an update on the implementation of, and discuss challenges in the 6 service networks of PPHSN.

b. To encourage reflection and identify country-level priorities and opportunities that technical partners can leverage on for a coordinated and collaborative approach on human, animal and environmental health interface.

c. To discuss and outline Pacific island countries’ capacity in making the Pacific region safe and secure from infectious diseases and other public health threats.