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Oct 28 - Oct 28
| Training Event
Oct 28 - Oct 28

Pacific Ear Nose Throat and Audiology Group (PENTAG)

Session Topic: Ear Nose and Throat Surgery (2nd Online ENT case discussion session)

Presented by members of the Pacific Ear Nose Throat and Audiology Group (PENTAG) the session will be aimed at registrars but input and discussion is very much welcomed by anyone.


Dr Sepi Lopati, ENT surgeon, Tonga – presentation of research on the prevalence of ear disease and associated hearing loss among urban and rural primary school children in Tonga.

Dr Fane Lord, ENT surgeon, Fiji -Deep Neck Space, Infections of Neck


  • Dr Sione Pifeleti – ENT Surgeon, Samoa
  • Dr OH – ENT Surgeon,  Fiji
  • Dr Murali Mahadeven –ENT Surgeon, New Zealand
  • Dr Hannah Burns –ENT Surgeon, Brisbane
  • Dr Bernard Whitfield – ENT Surgeon & RACS Specialty Coordinator, Brisbane
  • Dr Perry Burstin – ENT Surgeon, Melbourne