Statistically, though, Carroll’s name was sound and even sensible, notes decision science professional and former world-class poker
player Annie Duke. In contrast, poker gamers dwell in a world of uncertainty the place even a champion can lose
to a novice in any given tournament thanks to a few lucky breaks.

As a substitute of utilizing terms like "significant" or "huge," cite the recognized
info, the calculated probabilities, and your confidence stage that the
choice is the proper one, even if that confidence is an educated guess.
Many executives like to attract analogies between enterprise and chess, but a more correct comparison is to poker,
Duke says. The better the dangers of a foul choice, Duke asserts, the extra essential it is to
rely on knowledge. In her latest guide, Thinking in Bets,
Duke notes that end result pondering compounds poor decisions on two ranges:
It dissuades us from making sound future decisions
whereas reinforcing bad choices that turned out well thanks to a lucky break.

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