Germination. Coupon Code: RAVEREVIEWS20. A metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram. Old Smoker, New Grower, Nirvana Customer till death do us part!, 3 Indoor tent grows so far, All Auto's, 3rd.of AK-48, Amnesia Haze and Lemon OG, Close to Harvest, Few mistakes along the way to learn from, But they've all made it to harvest, Start seedlings in life pots, Be easy on nutes, Upgraded lighting and lowered distance to canopy, Are all things that have improved my current grow, Next grow first Feminized with Twenty-Four and Critical, My grow Buddy has 12 Nirvana feminized outdoor and just added a couple Auto's for quick harvest before feminized harvest, Nirvana is always 5 Star with Us!, Be Safe, Happy and High, Thank's Always, Deak. Genetics: Kush INC x Colombian Gold. Cloning Tray (with ridges at the bottom, no holes) & 7” Vented Dome Razor Blade or Exacto Knife & Scissors Cloning Gel and Cloning Powder Note: Any brand rooting powder and gel will work for cloning 2 small plastic buckets (or large mixing bowls – to be filled with water) Spray Bottle/Mister “Jiffy 7” Compressed Peat Pellets (Recommended) Note: Rockwool Cubes and Rapid Rooters can be substituted Grow Lights: Fluorescent Lights or Metal Halide lights (250w, 400w or 600w) seem to work best for cloning, however any quality grow light can be used.

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