PISA & RACS - Online Support Forum -  Surgery


Access Password: RACSGH01!

RACS & PISA Covid-19 Online Support Forum for surgeons across the Pacific next week. Chaired by Mr Kiki Maoate, Director of the RACS PIP. Panel were   

  • Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete – Minister for Health and Medical Services Fiji & PISA president
  •  Dr Viliami Tangi – previous Minister for Health Tonga & surgeon
  •  Ms Annette Holian – RACS Global Health Chair

Suggested topics were: -  

  1. Surgical response to COVID-19

    1. What alternatives to open surgery are available for emergencies in different surgical fields?
    2. What safe elective surgery is possible if any
    3. How to manage Covid suspected or confirmed people who must have emergency surgery?
  2. Country responses to Visiting medical teams

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